Workout Plan

The work plan is designed to work with your level of tennis abilities, age and fitness level. Depending on these factors, extra work can be done with a fitness coach, physiotherapist and physiologist.

Training can be organized on a basis of:

  • A yearly program (video analysis, personal tournament calendar, being accompanied to tournaments...)
  • A monthly program
  • A weekly program

College preparations

In case player decides to raise his tennis experience to next level, by conversation with player and parents we create a plan and program with witch player can achieve his further goal (college). With that in mind we base our training not only for physical readiness but also preparing video and other materials that will be used during College Application process. I can also help you with finding the right college for you.

To reach maximum results, players are welcome to work with my long time work mates:

  • Fitness coach Miša Kecman (a specialist in conditioning preparations and sports technology)

You can view and download CV of Miše Kecmana here:

Kecman CV

Discussion with the trainer

Also, very important part of this sport. Through the discussion we can transfer experience, give advice, point out mistakes, make planes and set goals. In our discussions, we include not only players but parents and other coaches as well.

The flow of training

You should arrive at least 15 minutes before the training begins. Player needs to get change of clothes and afterwards proceed with worm up routine so injuries could be prevented and body prepared for training.
Training is held differently depending whether player is a beginner, amateur or professional. Based on his level we create a plan that consists of techniques, mental and physical exercise. We also analyses in detail every player so he could get the best possible training.
After we complete planed training stretching exercises are mandatory, they are as important as the training itself. With them we reduce chance for injuries in joints and muscles.