Calmness on the court

There are a lot of different factors that make some more successful than others. But a few factors are common in almost all successful people. One of these is the ability to make decisions in crucial moments, and be able to decide when it is the most important, when making this really brings you a step forward. It sounds nice to be able to “decide when the most important thing,” but how actually are you supposed to be able to do something like that? Instinct, gambling, courage? Often it brings results. But there exists a secure manner, which allows us to think better and decide when it asks of us. I’m thinking about calmness.

Here is a tennis player for example: Ten years ago, a young man is just beginning his career. Behind him was a successful junior career and an expert who did not agree that it possessed top quality tennis. The young man was also known for the fact that he often broke rackets and was quite a restless spirit. The great experts agree that he will not achieve anything big if he does not find peace on the court. The young man obeyed and today it is considered the greatest tennis player who played this game. Of course it is about Roger Federer.

In this case it can be seen that pure talent and diligence are not enough, you need a little extra more, and that extra is calmness, from which derives the ability to make the right decision, not only in tennis but also in life. It sounds nice this “calmness” but to achieve it is not easy. A lot of top talent is lost because they could not do it. For starters, what is the basic and most important rule, leave the worries off the court. Try to keep calm from the moment you step on the court, forget about the problems at work, at home … Of course, as I noted, it is not at all easy, but as the Chinese say, A thousand miles begins with a single step. This one, the first step is the desire to be better. The results will surely come if you work hard enough.

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